Higher On Maiden can't wait to play Rockstock this year.....its been a great year fo the UK Festivals team, so we look forward to seeing all you Maiden Metal fans down at the front giving it all you've got!!

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In Feb 1997 two Maiden mad brothers from Newcastle went to see a Birmingham based fledgling Iron Maiden tribute at Trillians venue bar in Newcastle.  Ian Mackenzie contacted the band and offered his services as a singer (Ian also played/plays drums). After an audition Ian was given the job as singer in this band which became Hi on Maiden. Paul set up his own Iron Maiden tribute in which he sang which was named Maiden England. Hi On Maiden consisted of Ian Mackenzie (Vocals) Stephen Parry (guitar) Rob (Guitar) Dean (Bass) and Steve Bennett (Drums). Hi On Maiden  toured extensively throughout the 90’s and ultimately toured with the real Iron Maiden (playing conventions) on the Brave New World tour in 2001. Then as a result of family commitments etc, one by one all the members of Hi On left the band. After a brief period joining Maiden England with his brother Paul, Ian decided to set up a “new” Maiden tribute consisting of 4/5ths of the original Hi On Maiden line up and adding his brother Paul Hewitson on guitar. As the name Hi On Maiden was being used by the new musicians that had followed them, Ian suggested that the new tribute should be called Higher on Maiden. 

Over the years, Higher-on-Maiden has toured all over the UK, Europe, and ASIA. They are the ONLY Iron maiden tribute have actually played on stage with Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Paul Dianno & Blaze Bayley.
If you would like a Great night out with fellow Maiden fans, and you can't wait for the real guys to come around come along to a show near you and have some fun.


Meanwhile and as a result of this Maiden England folded and Huw (Maiden England Bassist) formed a new Maiden tribute called Maiden UK in 2011. At the time Huw was also playing with NWOBHM band Avenger and he knew that the guitarists (Liam Thompson and Sean  J) were Maiden barmy and damn good so they were recruited. Maiden UK’s line up was completed when they were joined by Paul Hewitson on vocals and Ian Mackenzie on drums! To make things even more complicated Huw then joined Higher On Maiden. In the last year Higher on/High On original Guitarist Stephen Parry left to concentrate on his Duran Duran Tribute Planet Duran (which also features original Hi On/Higher on Drummer Steven Bennett). So guess what happened, Liam Thompson and Sean Jefferies from Maiden UK joined Higher on Maiden. So we have two bands Maiden UK and Higher on Maiden with exactly the same line up.