Huw started playing bass in the early 80’s . His 1st gigging band in the 80s was called SS20 and consisted of himself Jon Hepworth and Paul Trotter. This band played original songs and also covered tracks by Megadeth Slayer and Yngwie Malmsteen!.  This band ended when Paul Trotter joined local rivals Holosade. After this Huw to took a break from bands. Huw formed a new thrash band in 2000 ish called Order of the Black Sun, and when this band ended he then joined doom band Nord. After this Huw joined NWOBHM band Avenger where he linked up with Liam Thompson and Sean Jefferies for the 1st time. After this Huw formed a new band called Cardinal Synne featuring Avenger vocalist Ian Swift and SS20 guitarist Jon Hepworth. In 2010 Huw joined local Iron Maiden tribute Maiden England. When this band split in 2012 he formed a new Iron Maiden tribute Maiden UK with the Avenger guitarists. In 2016 Huw was asked to join Higher on Maiden. Huw  also plays for Holosade with old mate Paul Trotter.

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